Sorry Nietzsche admirers, this blog has little to do with the great philosopher of the will. Though to be fair, I have reversed the order of the famous phrase to suit my own intellectual needs, or something like that. This domain name arose from nothing in particular. I was staring at a blinking cursor with no title to replace my previous one, and “outoforderchaos” came out. I like it because I think it perfectly describes the state of things in post-post-modernity. or post post post modernity, whatever abstract phase we’re in now. One thing I can say for sure about the concept ‘order’ is that it has proven to be nothing more than a transition from one type of chaos to the next. Order diverts, reconfigures, displaces and splinters chaos, but in no way nullifies it.

I’m Nick – a student of social sciences in my senior year. I attend Metro State in St. Paul, MN. My interests lie in anthropology, social philosophy, sociology and the study of identity. Some mixture of those disciplines will present often in this blog, which I’ve dedicated mostly to delineating my academic endeavors. However, occasionally anarchism, social justice and other aspects of my political side will be on display. Perhaps “order” here represents my time in college, and “chaos” the time before I attended college and after graduation. Likely this is the eye of the storm of my life. Student loans will need to be paid, a job to be found, a changing climate to contend with, a son to raise. I imagine anyone reading this can relate in some way.

A nice clean-shaven image of the author

A nice clean-shaven image of the author


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